Members of the Akron Board of Trustees are:

 ~ Mayor:
       George E. Reese - Term Expires April 2018

 ~ Mayor Pro Tem:
       Nancy Lightle - Term Expires April 2018

 ~ Trustees:
       Harry Slusser - Term Expires April 2018

       Susan Watson- Term Expires April 2020

       Brittani Kusel - Term Expires April 2020

       Andy Bowin - Term Expires April 2018

       Andrew Bull
- Term Expires April 2018

The Board of Trustees  meets the first Monday evening of each month. 
Meetings are held at 7:00 pm at the Akron Town Hall, 245 Main Avenue.

Members of other Akron Boards:

~ Board of Adjustments:
        Daryl Bowin              Val Foutz
        Joan Drullinger        John Glosson
        Cliff Fletcher

~ Library Board:
        Jan McCracken        Donna Fritzler
        Jim Thompson         Joe Benjamin
        Jo Peterson               Bridget Glosson
        Holly Peterson
         Julie Slusser

~ Senior Center Board:
      Joyce Kessinger        Rosie Fetzer
      Gail English             Jill Darrell
      Kay Fuller                  Mona McMillan

     Sue Brotton